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Surface Engineering Alloy Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of Nickel, Cobalt, Tungsten, and Iron based products.
Our products are offered as solutions to solving Wear Resistance problems in industries such as Power Generation, Oil and Natural Gas mining/exploration, and Agriculture.

Wear Resistance Products & Services Product Form
- Carborideā„¢ Hardfacing - Bare Rods
- Castings - Powders
- Ceramics - Castings
- Cobalt Alloys - Wires
- Cryogenic Processing - Electrodes
- CVD - Wrought Products
- Iron Base Alloys - Miscellaneous Forms
- Nickel Alloys
- Thermal Spray Products
- Thermal Spray Services
- Tungsten Carbide Composites

We not only offer the solutions to solving our clients problems, we offer training to apply the products through Thermal Spray including HVOF, Flame Spray and Arc Spray, PTA and Laser Cladding, as well as Mig and Tig hardfacing.

We are a full service solutions provider.
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RE: Superalloys
Hey Guys well superalloy is an metal that displays excellent technical strength and level of potential to deal with find their way at high temperatures.Thanks!!

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