Structure of suspension bracket
10-17-2018, 01:16 PM,
Structure of suspension bracket
[Feilong Jiangli Rubber Products]The power assembly mounting bracket structure is first related to the layout of the engine, the structure of the frame or body parts. At the same time, the power assembly mounting bracket structure should meet the mounting layout angle and position requirements proposed in the power assembly mounting decoupling optimization design. In general, the suspension decoupling rate is above 85%, and the mounting frequency is separated by more than 1Hz.
The power assembly mounting arrangement forms are various. According to the mounting number, it can be divided into two-point mounting, three-point mounting, four-point mounting, and five-point and six-point mounting commonly used in high-power engines. The number of mounting brackets is related to the number of mounting brackets, because there are many structural forms of mounting brackets related to the arrangement of power assembly mounting. Generally speaking, the powertrain mounting bracket is divided into active side mounting bracket (powertrain side) and passive side mounting bracket (frame or body side).

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