Sticking repair to repair auto parts
12-06-2018, 08:04 AM,
Sticking repair to repair auto parts
The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods.
Adhesive repair method using adhesive to stick to the surface of worn parts. The equipment and process are simple, stable, reliable and low cost, and will not cause deformation of parts. There are many kinds of adhesives, and epoxy resin adhesive and copper oxide adhesive are used to repair automobile parts. The epoxy resin itself is thermoplastic, and it will be bonded after adding the curing agent. Epoxy resin adhesive can be used as wear-resistant layer to repair pump shaft by adding fillers such as cast iron powder, quartz powder, molybdenum disulfide, graphite powder and glass fiber. Copper oxide inorganic adhesive is made of copper oxide powder and anhydrous phosphoric acid, characterized by high temperature resistance, working temperature up to 600 C, used to bond the cracks near the exhaust valve of cylinder block. In addition, an anaerobic adhesive was developed in the 1970s, consisting mainly of diethyl acrylate, which is liquid in the air and solidifies rapidly after isolation. This adhesive is easy to use, low toxicity, high bonding strength, good toughness on the surface of the parts degreasing degree is not high, suitable for use on the assembly line.

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