Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB
02-05-2013, 12:53 PM,
Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB
Dear All,
We use Sulzer 11MB gun to spray Metco 450NS + Metco 601NS. The process was not 100% stable but acceptable. However, recently when we perform the spray, the whole coating is easy to peel off. We guess 450NS is not adhesive on surface. We tried to add more cooling air to part surface and adjust power to 600A, but the situation is still the same. The deposition efficiency is very low because the growth rate is around 0.005" after 50 cycles. Can anyone give me a hint how to revise the parameter?

The main parameters of 450NS are as follows,
Control panel: Sulzer 9MC
spray gun: 11MB

Part material: aluminum
Surface preparation: Alum. Ox., 20Grit.

Gun to work distance: 2.5"
surface speed: 40m/min

primary gas: Argon, 75psi, 50SCFH
secondary gas: Helium, 50psi, 22.5SCFH
Carrier gas: Argon, 10SCFH Feedrate: 25 g/min
Power: Voltage, 30V; Amperage, 500A.
02-05-2013, 02:53 PM,
RE: Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB
Hi Airbin,

To solve the problem should start from simple thing.
1, Please check your gun's hardware is not damaged or in poor condition.
2, check your powder is go in the plasma flame with right angle.
3, check your powder feed rate.
4, you may increase your spray distance to see any improvement.

Good luck
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RE: Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB
I guess you are spraying an internal diameter with you using the 11MB? Try not to have too much cooling & if possible have it directed onto the outside of the component so it is not interfering with the plasma flame.
Keep the time between blast & spray to an absolute minimum, aluminium will oxidise very quickly.
Do not preheat the sprayed surface directly, if at all possible preheat before blasting.
0.005" after 50 cycles?? This is ridiculously low even with a 25g/min feed rate, check your surface and traverse speeds.
Why use Helium? can you not use Hydrogen as the secondary gas?
02-11-2013, 02:07 AM,
RE: Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB
As mentioned previously I would check your powder injection as your deposition rate is extremely low (See attached photo)

I have had a look at the Tech Bulletin for 601 and it might be worth while cross referencing your parameters with that to get a good starting point and go from there(also attached)

As Derek mentioned your spray distance may have to be changed as the recommended distance is 3-4" not 2.5"

Have a look through see what you think

All the best


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RE: Spray 450NS+601NS with 11MB

You are using to high parameters, with 11MB gun you must use only argon to spray 601NS powder, otherwise you risch to eliminate the polyester compounds, use parameters as in the attachment

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Best regards

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