Something about bucket steel
05-13-2011, 02:25 PM,
Something about bucket steel
The present invention relates to a bucket steel intended to be carried by an arm or the corresponding and comprising a bottom and back part and opposing side parts, which parts are arranged to, together, form a load space having an opening with an edge part connected to the bottom part of the bottom and back part and running sideways in the bucket.
A bucket assembly for mounting on a maneuvering arm comprising: a sealing member; transversely spaced side parts opposing said sealing member; an edge part extending transversely between said side parts and being shaped and located to form an active edge for the bucket assembly; a sorting part having a grid for sorting material within the bucket assembly and extending between said side parts; said sealing member being swingable away from and toward said sorting part and said side parts between first and second positions, respectively;

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