Something about bin washing machine
05-27-2011, 05:20 AM,
Something about bin washing machine
An apparatus for cleaning a bin washing machine includes an elongate rotatable stem locatable within the bin, the stem provided with a number of nozzles for spraying cleaning fluid onto the inside of the bin. The stem also includes an array of brushes along a portion of its length for contacting the inside surface of the bin. A laterally extending arm is provided at one end of the stem and carries a number of brushes to contact the inside of bottom wall of the bin. A hydraulic motor is located at an opposite end of the stem for providing motive force to cause the stem to rotate about an axis coincident with its length. In use, the bin is held in an inverted state over the stem. As the stem rotates cleaning fluid is sprayed through nozzles and the brushes scrub the inside surface of the bin to clean the bin.

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