Something about belt making
05-20-2011, 06:54 AM,
Something about belt making
This invention relates to a belt, for example, a power transmission belt such as a V-ribbed belt or a transfer belt such as a flat belt, used in a manner that a part of the belt surfaces is brought into contact with pulleys, and particularly relates to improvements in the placement of a mark provided on a surface of the belt for indicating the history of belt manufacturing.
Conventionally, in order to drive auxiliaries or the like, of an automobile engine, there is known a technique that a rotational force of a crank shaft of the engine is transmitted to each of the auxiliaries through a V-ribbed belt as shown in FIG. 7. The V-ribbed belt is so composed that a plurality of ribs extending along the length of the belt are formed in parallel with each other in a belt widthwise direction on the bottom face of the belt as an inner periphery of the belt. In other words, the V-ribbed belt wound around a plurality of pulleys brings the bottom face thereof into contact with each of the pulleys so that power transmission is accomplished by friction between the belt making and each pulley.

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