Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
11-19-2012, 05:36 PM,
Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
I am new to the forum, so I appologise if this is not the correct place for this question.
I am looking for a grey silicone based sealer to apply on top of stainless steel arc spray.
We have outsourced flame spray in the past to a vendor that used this type of sealer.
We are in the early steps of bringing this process inhouse, and finding this sealer/coating would be a big step forward.
thank you for your help.
11-19-2012, 10:36 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
Why do you need a gray sealer? There are plenty of other sealers available. I have had very good success with Dichtol, but it is clear.
11-19-2012, 11:19 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
We like the grey because it hides dirt well, and several coaters in our areas use grey, so many of our customers now ask for it.
thank you for your help
11-21-2012, 11:25 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
Try with Amercoat 878 HS from Ameron coatings, with color made to order, if you do not like the grey alluminum standard color.
Best regards
11-28-2012, 01:06 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
Gray Silicone sealer is a bit vague to make a recommendation for.

A number of high temperature (service temps above 600 F) inorganic coatings have a silicone base component. Is that what you need?

If temp isn't an issue, then I would probably use an organic material instead as the others have recommended above. Finding one in 'gray' shouldn't be too difficult.
11-28-2012, 03:13 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
We need it to be able to withstand temperatures of 400f constant, 500f intermittent. We are looking for a 58 hardness after it is applied to a 316 stainless steel arc sprayed surface. This coating is used by several flame/arc spray subcontractors in our area. We are trying to develop this process in-house, and the correct sealer had been difficult to find. I appreciate your help.
11-30-2012, 01:58 PM,
RE: Silicone based sealer for stainless steel arc spray
I believe Dichtol has a coating that is functional in that temperature range. I don't think the color is gray, but that would be the first person I would get in touch with. Larry is extremely knowledgable and helpful on this kind of stuff. If Dichtol can't get you something that will work, or your really need that color and can't get it there, then I might try to find your local Thurmalox distributor. The Thurmalox folks usually aren't terribly knowledgable about thermal spray, but some of their products work quite well. If you go this route though be prepared to do some testing, because they aren't really vetted or marketed as sealers by the manufacturer.

As far as "hardness" is concerned... 58 doesn't tell us much. Is it 58 Rockwell B or C, or are you looking at some other scale or testing procedure? I suspect that the hardness of your coating system is most likely specified on the basis of the metal spray, in which case wire selection/spray procedure matters, and sealer most likely does not.

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