Safety Training Agencies and Workplace Safety
05-27-2013, 06:18 AM,
Safety Training Agencies and Workplace Safety
Employers and employees give less attention to workplace safety, as there are no serious implications until an untoward incident happens in the industry. The employer who is the legal authority of the company will have to face the music of the accident, as he is obliged to provide health and safety facilities to his employees. An employer who fails to fulfill this will end up in facing legal action for negligence of workplace safety. Many health and safety courses are committed to teach occupational safety for employees working in different industries. Some of the prominent among them are NEBOSH, OSHA and IOSH. These agencies have years of experience in delivering high quality training for employees across the globe.

According to surveys conducted by International Health Organization and World Health Organization, many health and safety issues affect employees while they are in the workplace. This report has made governmental agencies across the world to formulate policies and laws to enhance the workplace health and safety of employees. Therefore, many international agencies have started providing health and safety courses through accredited course providers across different parts of the world. They have expert trainers who are selected based on globally endorsed qualifications. These courses will equip employees working in different industries across different countries to implement safety skills gained through training in their workplaces to avoid workplace accidents. An employee who successfully completes the health and safety course will develop good reflexes for responding to accidents and emergencies.
06-17-2013, 01:20 PM,
RE: Safety Training Agencies and Workplace Safety
Not only employee face a lot of issues but the organization has to also face lot of issue from workplace accidents. They loss good will upcoming projects and no doubt that it will be difficult to recover it. Mostly government now have made essential to give space to some safety trainer in workplace and most of red alert industry known as construction and oil and gas. According to an England times more than 350 people get die on every year from unwanted accidents in workplace and many time minor error does not resolved. Some organization such as SHEilds, IOSH known as great supporting for well safety counseling.

07-18-2013, 12:11 PM,
RE: Safety Training Agencies and Workplace Safety
I completely agree. I used to be an internee for Stock exchanging and it would be a work time of morning to
3 guys in summer fainted and still what we, that is 34 people in single room would work online in front of the computers with just 8 fans.

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