Respect to Member Experience
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Shy  Respect to Member Experience
I have noticed since joining this forum, many people come here for help.

They provide images of their micro-structures when asking for help when in trouble, but, after providing valuable information from years of experience, obtained by other more experienced members, some don't follow up with results that I believe have been successful, and, the ones asking for help fail to re-post images of coatings that they have had success with, they simply just disappear until their next problem arises...

Plasma coatings have been around for a long...long, time, you aren't going to produce something which most of have not already witnessed, and when we provide you with valuable information to which we know should work very well with the information provided for typical plasma setups, at the very least, you should post the final results after receiving the information that you have received, regardless of the outcome.

Sooner or later someone with the right experience will help you resolve your issue(s), there is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience on these forums.

I know from personal experience, if a system matches pretty close, 1 for 1, you should have very similar results unless you are failing to follow the very least, you should post micro photographs if the information you have obtained from the community is are not receiving proprietary are, however, indulging in another persons experience and they have the right to know if you have been successful with the information given.

Always remember, we provide this information to you, because we want to share in your success.

To demonstrate my confidence on this issue, I would like to pose the following test, for those that would like to participate, or can afford the expense to do so.

Here is the link where I will provide the information for the test.

Best Regards,
Johnny Blaze

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