Repair of automobile parts by submerged arc welding
09-13-2018, 07:51 AM,
Repair of automobile parts by submerged arc welding
The significance of automotive parts repair is to repair old and waste, reduce the consumption of new parts, thereby saving raw materials, energy and manpower for manufacturing parts.
The damage of automobile parts mainly includes four types: deformation, fracture, corrosion and wear. The first three types of damage are usually repaired by cold working, hot working or gluing. If the general parts deformation can be cold-pressed or hot-pressed after correction for mechanical repair; shaft parts can be broken by inlaying, welding, forging and other methods to repair; cylinder block water jacket cracks can be repaired by welding, riveting or adhesive methods. Parts wear is the most common damage. Parts that have not worn out beyond the specified repair size are processed according to repair size. Parts that have worn out beyond the repair size are repaired by surfacing, spraying, electroplating and other metal covering processes and adhesive methods.
Automatic surfacing is to install parts on the surfacing machine and turn them on side. Commonly used automatic surfacing has three technologies: vibration surfacing, carbon dioxide protection welding and submerged arc welding.
Submerged arc welding is also known as flux layer welding. The wire is 1.4~1.6 mm in diameter. Apply the flux to the weld and weld under the flux. The arc is not exposed, the flux can effectively prevent air from entering the molten pool and has the function of heat preservation, which can delay the solidification of the metal in the molten pool. The advantages of submerged arc welding are compact welding layer, no cracks, gas holes, ballast and so on, but the parts after welding deformation is large, suitable for repairing shaft parts with diameter of more than 50 mm.
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