Read Evernote on Kindle
10-31-2012, 04:11 AM,
Read Evernote on Kindle
Hi Guys,

Evernote is an online service that allows you to save notes, clippings, websites and images to a personal account, for note-taking and archiving purposes. You can gather these "notes" from a variety of different sources, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Because the Kindle has a built-in Web browser, you can use it to log in to the mobile version of your Evernote account to view and read your stored content.

1. Launch the Kindle's Web browser by pressing the "Menu" button on the keyboard and selecting "Experimental" using the five-way controller. Highlight "Launch Browser" and select it to launch the application.

2. Press the "Menu" button on the Kindle's keyboard and select "Enter URL" using the five-way controller.

3. Type "" to access Evernote's mobile interface. This provides a streamlined version of the website, which is easier to view on a limited screen such as the Kindle's.

4. Enter your Evernote username and password in the relevant boxes, and select the "Sign In" button using the five-way controller. Your Evernote account and its content are displayed.

5. Select the note you want to read from the "Notes" list using the Kindle's five-way controller. The note is opened to full screen.

Thanks and Regards
Tony Mccallum

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