Question about Metco ar2000 robot
08-29-2010, 10:49 AM,
Question about Metco ar2000 robot
I want to buy a 2nd hand Metco 9m APS System with Metco ar2000 robot.
someone told me that Metco ar2000 have some problem in programming and metco has stopped using of this robat.
do you confirm this?
thank you
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RE: Question about Metco ar2000 robot
Hello Hamed Fazelm,

There are still AR2000s in service throughout the world. But I would check first to see if all spare parts are still available for this early Mitsubishi manufactured unit.
Obviously it depends on many factors, but most importantly:
• Price
• History
• Severity of use, work environment and run hours
• Operation, Service and maintenance manuals available?
• Warranty, support or backup?

Thermal Spray use of robots varies as does the environment in which they operate. Ask to see the service log or breakdown book and find out why it’s being sold?

Better newer robots are cheap these days and there are some excellent used/refurbished ABBs and Fanucs around.

S/Metco switched to ABB robots a long time ago.

BTW: F4 & F1 spray better TBCs than other guns.

Len Wood
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08-31-2010, 10:55 AM,
RE: Question about Metco ar2000 robot
The AR2000 Mitsubishi robot i san old version of robot, and it is very hard to program, and take a lot of time to do it, and it’s an obsolete product with no more SM spare parts, so you need a very good electronic technician in order to built or repair electronics parts, at the time it was projected, it was one of the best robot in the market, but electronic technology run very fast, and the new line of robot are very easy to program and use.
Best regards

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