Purity of process gas
11-21-2023, 05:41 AM,
Purity of process gas
Dear Forum,

Currently we are using Argon gas as primary gas in our plasma spray. As per the technical specification, the purity of the gas should be maintained. So we are purchasing the gas cylinders directly from a local vendor and he is ensuring the purity of the gas by testing in their laboratory. 

In future, we are having a plan to install a bulk tank to supply the gas continuously to the machine. Vendor is going to supply the Argon in the form of liquid and this liquid argon will be stored in the bulk tank. By using vaporization process this liquid will be phase changed from liquid argon to gaseous argon and this argon gas will be supplied to the machine.

1. What is the impact on gas purity due to this phase transformation from liquid to gas?

2. What are the ways to check the purity of the gas after conversion? 

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RE: Purity of process gas
interesting topic, I also appreciate the answers

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