Power Generation
03-11-2009, 07:34 PM,
Power Generation
Hello Forum,

We operate on the West Coast of Canada where there is considerable expansion of "green" power generation such as wind, tidal and hydro.

This is an industry that we have not looked at yet. As we are not familular with these industires I'm not sure if and what type of components we would look at to repair or provide barrrier coatings for.

Does anybody have experience servicing these types of industries? Any help or information would be apreciated.

Dale Finnerty
Industrial Surface Technologies Inc.
Campbell River, BC
03-12-2009, 10:16 AM,
RE: Power Generation
A brief insight into our experience as suppliers of thermal spray equipment and consumables into this field so far.

Wind - big global industry in spraying corrosion protection onto all or parts of the towers, structural frameworks etc. Occasional repair requirements for worn shafts / bearing surfaces etc.

Tidal - technology still seems to be in its infancy and capital costs remain an issue, e.g. slap a coat of paint on and it will do for now as it's cheaper. Long term corrosion protection does not seem to be concerning this industry so far as the wave machines that we have experienced seem to be frequently brought into port and can be refurbed easily there. Not much other direct contact with other tidal power other than the Pelamis wave machines.

Hydro - the usual corrosion protection coatings to various items. Depending on any particulate in the water, wear coatings of WcCoCr are often applied to turbine parts, control valves etc. For example, in certain parts of India, there is a lot of quartzite in the water during monsoon periods and various items are coated to extend the life by 3 yrs +.
Stuart Milton
Metallisation Ltd
03-15-2009, 04:48 PM,
RE: Power Generation
Milton's reference to high silt erosion of turbine in India, please note that the nodal agency,NHPC (National hydroelectric Power Corporation) have recently admitted in their website that trials conducted by thermal spray, plasma nitriding and polymeric coatings did not lead to any better performance, hence they have stopped all future trials on these areas.However their generous funding in these areas have resulted in good number of papers,doctorates and helped lot of organisations to make good.If you are really interested in this area, please refer to my book, entitled 'Surface wear,analysis, treatment,and prevention ' published by ASM International,2001.
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