Power Feeders
01-16-2020, 04:59 PM,
Power Feeders
Hello Everyone,
I am looking into different hopper feeders for our Chrome oxide coatings. We currently use the Thermach AT-1200 feeders. They are reliable for sure, but we have to perform rebuilds about every two weeks. I have looked into the AMT single 20MFC and the Uniquecoat V4 feeders. I was hoping someone may be using either of these two and if they have experience with them as for as performance and maintenance compared to the Thermach unit. We use Chrome oxide powder in these hoppers.
Thanks for any info.
Joe Stokes
07-02-2020, 03:00 PM,
RE: Power Feeders
Hi Joe,

Have you considered any Praxair models of powder feeder? I can recommend either our standard PF 1264, or our PF 1264i with 25rpm motor. If interested please message me your email address and I'd be happy to send further details.

Can I ask where you're based in the World?

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