Polyurethane based coating.
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Question  Polyurethane based coating.
Hi forum,

After a long time I,m here again.

I am searching for polyurethane based coating for hydro-turbine application.

Can anyone give me information about it?
What will be the performance with respect to WC-Co coating?

Looking for help.

Thanks with regards,

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RE: Polyurethane based coating.
Hi Dibyendu

These links may be helpful:

(links dead)
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RE: Polyurethane based coating.
I spent decades on researching in this area,and worked along with all the major organisations and plants in India which are affected by high silt erosion,also had dialogues with top names in tribology abroad(visited their research facilities) and engineers from power industries,presented papers at prestigious 'Wear of Metals' conference abroad and did find solutions to this problem.The high silt erosion problem exists in Himalyan regions, of India and Bhutan.Also similar problem exists in China and Russia.Wear being environment specific,none of solutions offered by leading company's abroad has been found useful, which otherwise have worked wonderfully well in Europe and USA.Still quite a good number of researchers/engineers in India following the guidelines given by equipment and consumable suppliers.
If you are genuienly interested in finding a solution you can always contact me.
ram chattopadhyay

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