Plungers for mud pump
12-12-2013, 12:56 PM,
Plungers for mud pump
Hi all,

Customer required wear resistant coating for plungers used in mud pumps

Trying to chose between a Colmonoy 6 grade powder or a WCCo grade powder.
Inputs please....


02-19-2015, 03:04 AM,
RE: Plungers for mud pump
If you are talking about a Mud rotor which is like a screw used in oil drilling, we can apply a few different coatings.

1: Chrome plating. Most Mud Rotors are chrome plated and usually they don't last too long. But if the chrome is applied right (without sand blasting, but chemically activating the base metal minutes before it goes into plating) and if the thickness is over .020, then polished to a mirror finish it will last a lot longer then most other chrome plating techniques.

2: Electroless Nickel plating. If baked on at high temps, it's actually a lot more durable then chrome, less porous, harder and will outlast chrome 2 or 3 to one. It can also be polished to a mirror finish.

3: Thermal spray coatings. We can apply anything from aluminum oxide to carbide and we also offer over 50 different thermal sprays that can be ground, sanded and polished to a 8 RMS finish.

You can email me at my name is Boris Volkov, I am one of the owners of Axis Machine in Baltimore Maryland

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