O rings
10-16-2018, 08:27 AM,
O rings
[Feilong Jiangli Rubber Products Series]The O type rubber seal ring is called O type ring for short. It is a rubber ring with circular shape. The O ring is the most widely used seal in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.[/color]
The characteristics of the O ring are:
O-ring has good sealing performance, it can be used in both static and dynamic sealing, not only can be used alone, but also is the basic component of many combined sealing devices. It has a wide range of applications, if the material is properly selected, it can meet the requirements of various media and various motion conditions.
O-ring is a kind of extrusion seal. The basic working principle of extrusion seal is to rely on the elastic deformation of the seal, resulting in contact pressure on the sealing contact surface. The contact pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the sealed medium, and no leakage occurs, otherwise leakage occurs.

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