New chains
06-13-2011, 09:17 AM,
New chains
We present the study of discrete breather dynamics in curved polymer like chains consisting of masses connected via nonlinear springs. The polymer chains are one dimensional but not rectilinear and their motion takes place on a plane. Tsunami Curved Chains is provided with additional clearance between pins and bushings and between roller links and pin link plates to permit extra flexibility and greater lateral displacement. The basic dimensions of this chain are the same as those of ANSI standard roller chains.
After constructing breathers following numerically accurate procedures, we launch them in the chains and investigate properties of their propagation dynamics. We find that breather motion is strongly affected by the presence of curved regions of polymers, while the breathers themselves show a very strong resilience and remarkable stability in the presence of geometrical changes. Furthermore, we find that a curved segment acts as an active gate reflecting or refracting the incident breather and transforming its velocity to a value that depends on the discrete breather’s frequency. We analyze the physical reasoning behind these seemingly general breather properties.

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