New Favorite of the Century-Electronic Water Pump
12-05-2018, 07:43 AM,
New Favorite of the Century-Electronic Water Pump
With the deterioration of the environment and the tightening of the national requirements for fuel consumption and emissions, vehicle companies must constantly introduce more suitable models, such as traditional energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles. Of course, the relevant supporting suppliers are also facing heavy pressure: on the one hand, the increase in the number of new energy hybrid and pure electric vehicles urgently need the support of new components; on the other hand, the related components of traditional models need to be upgraded as soon as possible, and gradually switch to more energy-saving and emission-reducing products.
As the core component of the compulsory water cooling scheme, which is the key component of the vehicle thermal management module, the electronic water pump, which is different from the traditional mechanical water pump, is becoming one of the necessary products in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles. In order to make the turbocharger perform better, the electronic water pump continuously cools the turbine itself and the intake air to a certain temperature, so as to improve the combustion efficiency; for the start-up and shutdown system, the engine often goes out for a short time, at this time, the cooling system can not stop running, so as to avoid lubricating oil. The risk of coking.
Chongqing Feilong has become an electronic water pump manufacturer, specializing in the design of various passenger and commercial vehicles, providing products with different power to support various small and medium-sized applications.

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