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Hi all ...

I'm looking for information about Nano-Materials for Coating and Weld-Harfacing.
I found some information about Flame Spray with liquid precursor or Solution Plasma Spray (SPS). I would like to know more about other coating processes. SPS is quite comprehensible for me, but I can not imagine what is the nano - in the weld or PTA hardfacing or plasma spraying. Since the nano-material is melted by arc and mixed-diluted with the base material in weld processes or melted in the plasma flame in APS, what is the nano structure in the final coated layer?
Could you help me to explore this interesting sphere of surface engineering please? ....................Shy

Best Regards
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RE: Nanomaterials
Dear Karlos,

In the following link, you can see the nano stucture do exist in the coating.

(link dead)

Nanosteel claims that you can get nano coatings by arc spray, HVOF and weld, etc.

Best regards,
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RE: Nanomaterials
I've worked with some nanostructured / superfine 86/10/4 WCCrCo and 88/12 WCCo from Inframat on some 321 Stainless steel test samples and they seemed to perform pretty well -- the HVOF cut superfine 88/12 WCCo sprayed better than the plasma cut did through a Metco 3M gun, but since I only processed a single run of each, I couldn't call anything definite.

The HVOF cut superfine 86/10/4 WCCrCo (ran through a Metco DJ Hybrid) sprayed really well and had a nice dense structure with good microhardness results (I was evaluating them against AMS 2447-9 just for reference). I was pretty impressed from the initial run and look forward to performing some more testing on the coating.

I can't give you much more information than that because I really haven't had the chance to do more research on it, but Inframat is a good place to start, especially since they have a variety of nanostructured materials to experiment with.
Donald Richards
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RE: Nanomaterials
Dear Ycwbycwb, Dear Donald,

thank you for your responses. I've just downloaded some articles concerning thermal spray nanomaterials and Inframat presentation as well.
In terms of nanosteel materials and their structure after the welding there are lot of information regarding to their final properties after the welding. I made some investigation : ) and found that the final nanoscale microstructure of weld-hardfaced layer is the result of alloying elements of the filler material. This information is from one source only, I will ask producer of materials directly to get more information.
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RE: Nanomaterials
Nano Nano

#Nano-, the SI prefix meaning 10-9
* Nanometre, one billionth of a meter
# Nanotechnology, extremely small technology at the nanometre scale
# Nanomaterials, materials science as applied to nanotechnology
# Nanoengineering, system of engineering on the nano (very small) scale

While nanotechnology is very important and will impact on our future Cool beware the hype, 'Nano' the buzz word and latest marketing gimmick.

Nanoscale microstructures and materials are nothing new, they exist naturally in many materials/coatings Happy0193 without necessarily specific engineering.

I'm just saying look beyond the term 'nano', many old products could be re-marketed with the term nano Sad

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