Metco flowmeter tube
07-23-2008, 08:42 PM,
RE: Metco flowmeter tube
OK we live and learn, but it seemed like you were struggling to supply over the course of 2 weeks. Sometimes price isn't everything, the Customers appreciate quick positive response and will pay for it either in USD or GBP, keep up the competition it is at least good for the customers.

Good night

Not a closed market. Just that when the thread has obviously been handled by one person, made the calls, got the quotes, you should ethically stay out imo. You did not break any rules or anything and you are free to compete (might have a difficult time with you being pound priced and me being USD), but it just comes across as poor taste to me, nothing more. I would not jump into a thread that had you handling requests over the course of a couple weeks and especially after you gave out contact info and quotes.
anyway no worries.

tubes + float in stock (small supply right now)
conversion kit almost completed from what I was told.
PM for contact info and price.

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