Metco arc gun RG
03-08-2020, 02:29 PM,
Metco arc gun RG
im new here on the forums (but i have been lurking for long time..)

have anyone experience with metco type RG gun? i came across it, but it is old, maybe 1970's? is it worth to buy? im looking to do zinc/al spraying. i have already many castolin guns but i want to go away from powder. this is only the gun, so i must also prepare a power source, but that should be easy to solve.

hope anyone can help

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RE: Metco arc gun RG
Hi Christer,

I can't help with that gun, but if you're planning a move from powder to wire have you thought of wire flame spray? Less throughput but better quality coatings (and a smaller spot=less waste if spraying small pieces) compared to arc. Truth be told I represent the Saint-Gobain line of wire flame spray guns, so I'll just leave this here:


If you're interested, don't hesitate to ask or DM me!

Have a nice day,

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