Metco 5P-II trigger problem
11-03-2008, 05:38 PM,
Metco 5P-II trigger problem
I am experiencing problems latching and unlatching the trigger of a 5PII Metco gun. I have tried to clean it up, unscrewing valve bolt housing. The pawl and pawl spring seem ok, tight to housing by pawl pin, but once the valve bolt is reassembled, the trigger fails again to keep latched. I would appreciate any sort of advice of how to mend the problem.
Many thanks in advance,
11-05-2008, 05:24 PM,
RE: trigger
Hi Nile

Did this problem start after servicing the gun or is it the reason you were servicing the gun in the first place?

I do seem to remember having this problem on some of my early attempts to service the 5P-II, which was down to not assembling/positioning parts correctly on reassembly. Unfortunately the 5P-II user manual seems not to go into any detail on reassembly of this (probably the most complex part of the 5P-II) mechanism. I can only suggest that you reassemble the mechanism a few times checking out alternative positioning of parts. When you get it working, make a note of what you did for future reference Big Grin

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