Matrix cohesion problem of WC CoCr
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Matrix cohesion problem of WC CoCr
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RE: Matrix cohesion problem of WC CoCr
I can't really tell you for two reasons: 1. I don't know and 2. You are not specifically stating what the two results were. Regarding the second, I think that might apply to everyone on this forum. Your RPM and traverse seem totally random, though. With that diameter and a surface speed of 60 M/Min I calculate 87 RPM with a 7.24 mm/sec traverse speed will give you an increment of 5 mm. With your RPM and speed I believe your increment will be 2.04 mm.
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RE: Matrix cohesion problem of WC CoCr
Hi Sam
Remember that for HVOF applications, in order to have a correct coating deposition, and minimal coating stresses, the piece peripheral speed must be about 120 m/minute and gun traverse about 4 mm/ revolution, with old HVOV systems, especially the ones that use gas mix is normally that you could have a very stressed coating and low cohesion coating, something better are the coatings with HVOF liquid kerosene, but the best is the new HP HVOF that use O2 / Ethanol.
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