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Surface Engineering KRYPTONITE is a special nickel chrome boron alloy with a proprietary blend of Hi-Carbon and Carbides. It’s available in powder form to be applied with the PTA, (Plasma Transfer Arc), welding process. KRYPTONITE yields a semi-smooth deposit and flows easily on base metals. It can be formed and wiped to create a sharp edge. A deposit will maintain a level of hardness up to 1200°F and resist galling, pitting and corrosion in addition to abrasion. It can be used on low to medium carbon steels, cast iron and Stainless Steel as well, as low to medium alloy steels and cast irons.

Deposits are “NOT” machinable or grindable.

Technical information follows:

Applications: Any place where extreme abrasion resistance is required.
Typical Chemical Analysis:Comparable to AWS 5.21-01, Class ERNiCrC.
C-10 Si-3.8 Ni-Bal Cr-15 W-18 Fe-3.8 B-3.0
Machinability: Only able to be “smoothed”, not ground to a specification.
Typical Mechanical Properties:
• Tensile Strength: 77ksi, As Cast
• Tensile Elongation: <1%
• Density: 6.4g/cc
• Liquidus: 1000°C, 1850° - 1950°F
Hardness: 58 - 62 Rc Avg.
ASTM G-65 A Abrasion Test: 2.5mm³ volume loss - Equal to or better than Tungsten Carbide.
For more information please send me a e-mail.
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