Introduction of welding method
10-30-2018, 09:08 AM,
Introduction of welding method
There are many kinds of welding methods. Several typical welding methods are introduced below.
(1) electrode arc welding
Electrode arc welding is a method of welding metal by using coated electrode as electrode and filler metal, arc burning between the end of electrode and the welded surface to melt electrode.
Characteristics and applications: the electrode arc welding equipment is simple, light and flexible. It can be used to weld short seams in maintenance and assembly, especially in difficult parts.
(2) resistance welding
Resistance welding (RW) is a method of using resistance heat generated by electric current passing through the contact surface of the weldment to heat the part of the weldment to a high plastic or semi-melting state, and to crystallize and solidify the welded joint under pressure.
Features and applications: easy to realize automation, high productivity; no filler metal, welding deformation is small; welding equipment is complex, power consumption is large. It is usually used for mass production.
(3) gas shielded arc welding
Gas shielded arc welding is to use gas as arc medium and protect arc and welding area by arc welding. Argon and carbon dioxide are the main protective gases.
Features and applications: heat concentration, faster welding speed, less deformation after welding, is conducive to the mechanization and automation of welding process. Usually used for welding thin plates.
(4) brazing
Brazing refers to the method of using metal materials with lower melting point than the parent material as the solder, wetting the parent material and filling the gap between the workpiece interface with liquid solder and diffusing with the parent material.
Features and applications: low heating temperature, small welding stress and deformation; smooth welded joints; can weld multiple seams at the same time, high productivity; simple welding equipment, less investment; low welding strength. Brazing is not suitable for welding of general steel structure and heavy load and moving parts. It is mainly used for manufacturing precision instruments, electrical components, dissimilar metal components and complex sheet structures.

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