Introduction of Automobile Intake Manifold
11-22-2018, 08:16 AM,
Introduction of Automobile Intake Manifold
The intake manifold is located between the throttle and the engine intake valve. It is called manifold because after air enters the throttle, the air passage diverges after pipe buffer. For the number of engine cylinders, such as four-cylinder engine and five-cylinder engine, air is introduced into each cylinder separately for natural intake engine. Because the intake manifold is located behind the throttle, when the engine throttle opens small, the cylinder can not absorb enough air, which will cause high manifold vacuum; and when the engine throttle opens large, the vacuum in the intake manifold will become smaller. Therefore, the fuel injection engine will be equipped with a pressure gauge on the intake manifold to supply ECU (Elec control unit, also known as "driving computer", "on-board computer" and so on. In terms of use, it is a special computer controller for automobiles, also known as a special single-chip computer for automobiles. The function of electronic control unit is to calculate, process and judge the input information of air flowmeter and various sensors according to its memory program and data, and then output instructions to provide a certain width of electric pulse signal to the injector to control the injection quantity. The electronic control unit consists of a microcomputer, input, output and control circuits, etc.) to determine the engine load, and to give an appropriate amount of fuel injection.
Flying dragon intake manifold needs a series of processes from development to finished product. The process is also very mature.

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