Inert gas shrouded plasma spray
06-09-2016, 01:46 PM,
Inert gas shrouded plasma spray
Does anyone know about inert gas shrouded plasma spray. We are working on a project spraying a thermal barrier coating and the base coat is sprayed using this method. Our equipment supplier said they do not make an attachment for our Metco F4 gun to do this. Anybody know of a supplier who makes this type of equipment? Or has anyone developed one in house that they could share concepts for.
06-23-2016, 11:08 PM,
RE: Inert gas shrouded plasma spray
Hi MartyMc
There are many approaches in order to create a shrouded inert gas on Thermal spray application, the first is LPPS which has a chamber filled with an inert gas (nitrogen or Argon), and the gun and part inside, produce this kind of system, but it is very expensive, the second application of APS with a shrouded inert gas protection is by an annular gas get with radial holes applied on the gun, in order to create a gas protective shroud with a nitrogen consumption of about 700 l/minute between the gun and the piece being sprayed, did some of this particular systems, no one of the OEM systems manufacturer, did a gun with a shrouded gas jet, you must do it yourself, maybe projected by a pneumatic system engineer.
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