Image/photos in posts
10-07-2006, 07:19 PM,
Image/photos in posts
Uploading of attachments to posts directly to the forum has been dissabled. To place images in your posts, please read below.

You will need to have your image files hosted by a internet server. This maybe your own web space provided by your ISP or possibly one of the many sites that provide free image file hosting/sharing services. Failing that, you can post your message and email us your image file and we will host and insert the image for you.

Using the insert image button [Image: image.gif] , you can place the image in your post (be careful to size the image to suit the page). If your image is relatively large, it would be better to place a link to it by using the insert hyperlink button [Image: link.gif] If you have a thumbnail of the image, place the image code into the url title box, so that the thumbnail links to the larger image. Use " Preview Post" button below to make sure it is right before posting. Some of the free image hosting sites can generate the required code for you to paste directly into your message. It pays to experiment a bit using preview before you post.

I have tried a few free hosting sites which appear to work quite well, see this thread.
07-17-2023, 02:44 AM,
RE: Image/photos in posts
Hi Gordon, thanks about the image posting.

noticed lots of gummy CBD spam lately, like 3-9 per week.

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