Hyundai intends to enter the Indonesian Market
12-21-2018, 04:56 AM,
Hyundai intends to enter the Indonesian Market
According to foreign media reports, on December 20, Indonesia's Deputy Minister of Industry Harjanto said Hyundai plans to produce electric vehicles in Indonesia as part of the country's investment plan of about 880 million vehicles. Indonesia is rich in laterite nickel ore, which is an important part of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.
Harjanto told Reuters that Hyundai plans to build a car factory in Indonesia with a capacity of about 250,000 vehicles, including electric vehicles. Hyundai, together with its subsidiary Kia Automobile, is the world's fifth largest automaker.
Harjanto, Indonesia's industry minister, said it planned to export 53% of Hyundai's cars produced in Indonesian factories to Southeast Asia and Australia, with the remaining 47% going to the domestic market.
Indeed, the Southeast Asian market has great growth potential, but it is still difficult to penetrate, because the market is dominated by Japanese Toyota and Honda.
Modern factories have been built in Chongqing. Chongqing has many automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, Lifan, Chang'an and so on. Feilong Jiangli is also located in the beautiful Chongqing, mainly with Chang'an, Ford, Mazda and other supporting, providing engine pumps, oil level meters, rubber parts and other products. It has a history of 40 years.

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