How to disable save option on YIM photo sharing?
02-05-2013, 06:23 AM,
How to disable save option on YIM photo sharing?
Hello Members,

I want to share some photo with my buddy through Yahoo messenger, but I don't want to let him save these photos. Just for view purpose I want to give him not for save. Is there any way I can stop him to save the photo in YIM photo sharing?

Thanks in advance
Vicky Milza

02-06-2013, 07:37 AM,
RE: How to disable save option on YIM photo sharing?
Hello Members,

Yahoo Photos makes sharing your photos with friends easy with three different ways to stay in touch. Share photos via email, instant messenger or by changing permissions for your photo albums. Follow these steps to share photos via Yahoo Messenger.

1. Click "Add Friends" on the home page.
2. Add people to your Friends List by entering their Yahoo ID screen names into the search field. If you are adding more than one at the same time, separate each one with commas.
3. Click "Add" when you are finished adding people to your list.
4. Click on an album you want to share in the collections list.
5. Click "Edit" in the taskbar. Choose "Album," then click "Instant Message."
6. Select a friend to share your album with from the friends list when the Messenger window opens.
7. Both you and your friend will be able to view the album slideshow in the Messenger window.

Best Regards,
Tony Mccallum


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