How Big is Big ? Stats Please !!!
05-27-2011, 04:15 PM,
How Big is Big ? Stats Please !!!
Dear All,

I am new to this forum and have been impressed by the collective knowledge contained within it ...

Hence, I have a request to help me / other members to better understand/collate the size of our industry i.e. members' understanding of the market size of the global thermal spray industry to ideally establish sub-sector sizes i.e. plasma, HVOF, cold spray etc.

So, a call for stats please !! Hopefully it will prove a useful exercise for all members.

Kindest regards,

05-29-2011, 06:59 PM,
RE: How Big is Big ? Stats Please !!!
Hi Nigel

Sign0016 to the Surface Engineering Forum.

I can't help with facts and figures for recent times. I think manufacturers/suppliers of equipment/consumables and coating materials would be best positioned to have this information.

Sub-sector sizes I think would be best divided by type of industry ie aerospace,oil and gas, paper, printing, textiles, anti-corrosion, automotive etc... Though some may predominantly use a particular process like HVOF or arc spray etc.. many will use more than one. It would be interesting though, to know which process is now used the most, which are in decline and whether the newer technology which no doubt will show a higher growth rate is finding new applications and markets as a posed to stealing work from the older established processes.
06-03-2011, 04:17 PM,
RE: How Big is Big ? Stats Please !!!
I'd like to echo Gordon's comment that industry subdivisions make more sense. It is not uncommon for a single project to utilize more than one application technology, and therefore separation by technology is simply impractical. I would suggest (again echoing Gordon) breakdowns by Aerospace, Chemical and Petrochemical Process, Paper, Textile, Infrastructure, Primary Metal Production (steel, aluminum, etc. mills) and so on.

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