Help me with experiment to coat with APS
03-19-2014, 02:54 AM,
Help me with experiment to coat with APS
Hi friends,

I have a powder METCO 131VF, it has a coverage of 1.98 m2/hr to 0.1mm, i need coat a diameter of 17.6314 mm with surface area of 582.2691 mm2 on a sphere (Like a band around the sphere, attached a picture). I need obtain 200 microns of thickness with APS process.

How can i do an experiment for achieve the desired thickness varying the surface speed and spray rate only?

For example in the METCO 131VF technical bulletin suggest 23 gr/min to spray rate,

Is posible, modify that spray rate to dicrease or increase the spray time?

I obtained a surface speed of 1354 RPM using the “Thermal spray RPM & traverse speed calculator" sheet.

Somebody can say me any suggest or advice for do my experiment?

the other parameters (like current, voltage, and spray distance, etc.) i obteained to the powder technical bulletin.

I am very desperate, i dont know how start!

A lot of thanks for your time.

Regards to mexico.

Víctor Rubio.


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