Global Test - Not Manditory
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Global Test - Not Manditory
The purpose of this demonstration is to evaluate repeat ability and predictability. I have seen many members or newcomers come to these forums and ask questions when in time of need, tap into the experience of the community, and not return to provide results of the tests or work performed after others have divulged their, experience, time, and efforts in helping them achieve success.

So for those of you who would like to engage in a technical sharing demonstration I give you the following information in order to demonstrate that their is nothing new under the sun...and that it is just plasma spray.

How I would like it to work, if feasible, and, within your operating budget.

Follow the suggested information to the letter...using the suggested equipment, view the attachment to the post, then upload a microphotograph of your results and coating thickness, if I am correct, and all those who have the equipment outlined, everyone should have near identical results.

Participation is purely voluntary.

Best Regards,

Only 1 Rule: 15 cycles only, regardless of thickness results, do not add more cycles or reduce cycles to achieve 0.015' (381 microns) total thickness.

The test, if done correctly by all participants, should have a deviation of +/- 0.001" (25.4 microns) only.

Plasma Control Consoles:

Metco 7MC, Metco 9MC, and or, Metco Multi-Coat.
Powder: Metco 450NS.
Plasma Gun(s): Metco 9MB, 7MB or 3MB.
Electrode: 9M-63
Nozzle: GH
Current: 500A
Voltage:70 +/-3volts
Primary Flow Ar: 98.0 S.C.F.H (46.2 N.L.P.M.)
Hydrogen: 20.0 S.C.F.H. (9.4 N.L.P.M.)
Powder Feeder: State the Powder Feeder model you have with your results.
Carrier Flow: 8.0 S.C.F.H (3.8 N.L.P.M.)
Powder Port: #2 (2 o'clock position when facing the nozzle).
Feed Rate: 9.0lbs/Hr (68g/min)
Spray Distance: 5.0 inches (127mm)
Gun Angle: 90 deg’s
Linear/Surface Speed: 200 S.F.P.M. (1016mm/sec)
Step-per Rotation: 0.315” (8.0mm)

Displacement: Rotating.
Simulated Diameter: 16.0 inches (406.4mm)
Rotation.: 48 R.P.M.
vTorch-Robot Speed: 0.251”/sec - (6.4mm/sec)
Number of passes/cycles: 15
Target Thickness: 0.015” (381 microns)

Note: Diameter is not mandatory, however linear speed and step per rotation must be respected if you choose a smaller or larger diameter.
Linear/Surface Speed: 200 S.F.P.M. (1016mm/sec)
Step-per Rotation: 0.315” (8.0mm)/rotation.

A ladder/Step program for stationary samples can also be performed using 40.0"/sec (1016mm/sec) robot-traverse speed.
0.315" step (8mm step)
30 passes.


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