Genuine Metco 7M/9M Nozzles
04-11-2008, 10:02 AM,
Genuine Metco 7M/9M Nozzles
Dear All,

We have over 100kgs genuine Metco 7M/9M nozzles for sale.

17 off 7M-703 @ US$ 20.00/ea
20 off 7M-704 @ US$ 10.00/ea
14 Off 7M-705 @ US$ 20.00/ea
16 off 7M-706 @ US$ 10.00/ea
16 off 7M-707 @ US$ 10.00/ea
16 off 7M-713 @ US$ 50.00/ea
2 off 7M-714 @ US$ 50.00/ea

Ex-works Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please contact me at should you be interested.

Best Regards,

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