Foundry casting material composition
06-15-2011, 09:43 AM,
Foundry casting material composition
The present invention provides cast steel foundry materials for use in making a mold for a cast part, comprising a foundry sand, a binder, and a disintegration additive. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a foundry mold formed for the casting of a part, comprising a mixture of a foundry sand, a binder, and a disintegration additive, where the mixture is treated to form a solid.
According to the present invention, methods of forming a metal part are provided. Such a method comprises pouring molten metal into a mold, where the mold is formed of a material comprising foundry sand, binder, and a disintegration additive. The molten metal is cooled to form a solid, and the solid is removed from the mold.
Further embodiments according to the present invention include a method of removing residual casting material from a metal part, where the method comprises the steps of: attaching the metal part having residual casting material to a power source having a first and a second electrode of opposite polarities, wherein the first electrode is attached to the metal part. The metal part is contacted with an electrolyte that is in contact with the second electrode.

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