Flame Spray Equipment
06-10-2009, 02:16 PM,
Flame Spray Equipment
We are a distributer of Flame Spray equipment. Providing all the necessary equipment and accessories, such as Flame Spray systems, industrial spray guns, metal components and spare parts. Quality for us is one of the most important areas, and we strongly believe that our consistent relationship with our customers depends on our capability to ensure delivery of good quality merchandise.

[Image: 64f56f38553371.gif]
We offer spare parts and components at competitive prices for
10E, 11E, 12E, or 14E,
and complete systems to replace and or compliment your current ones.


Sprays pure or alloyed metals such as Zinc, Aluminum, Steel, Brass etc. in wire form by using Oxygen-Acetylene/LPG gases flame and atomized by Compressed Air.

Sprays fast and uses up to 1/8” wire, irrespective of type of wire, the wire pulling power and high speed is assured.

The gas head valve is designed for long service life and low maintenance.

A simple quick action lever operates the wire grip mechanism to start and stop the wire feed instantaneously.


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