Features of laser cladding
05-14-2014, 09:15 AM,
Features of laser cladding
Compared with other conventional welding process,the advantages of laser cladding process are as following:
Fast cladding speed, deep depth, little deformation,smooth molten pool,no gas hole and no slug inclusion;
Metallurgically bonding between base metal and coating; bonding strength is more than 600-800Mpm; components are easily to be machined;
It is possible to do cladding work in room temp or in some special conditions. eg: laser beam will not divert through electromagnetic field; laser will work in vacuun,air or in some special gas; laser can do cladding work through glass or beam-transparent materilas;
Can clad some refractory materilas,like Ti,quartz,etc and also work for heterogeneous materials;
5. The filling materials applied in laser cladding include metla powder,metal wire and metal sheet. Metal powder made of different composition of various hardness is available on the market .
Hardness of layers after cladding is flexibly kept from HV200 to HV1400.
Some non-metal powder, like WC,ceramic powder,non-magnetic powder are workable.
7. Great flexibility: long-distance*non-contact cladding on some unapproachable zone. Our YAG laser machine is equipped with optical fiber,which enable 1-200m fiber delivery for cladding.
8. Can clad on thin-wall component with little deformation.

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