Factors affecting the performance of water pump
10-08-2018, 08:16 AM,
Factors affecting the performance of water pump
Your cooling system is crucial to keeping your engine running properly. When an engine is not properly cooled many parts can become damaged through high temperature effects such as warping. Engines are cooled in one of two ways; water-cooling or air-cooling. Multiple parts work together to ensure that an engine is properly cooled, so it is important that you maintain these parts.
Water pump(Feilong Brand) is very important for the engine. The auto water pump(Feilong Brand) is not only relates to the control effect of the automobile engine cooling system, but also relates to the development and improvement of the new automobile. The performance of the automobile pump is good or bad, that is, the operation efficiency and the parameters of the middle wheel of the automobile pump component and the space of the volute (pressurized water chamber) have a great relationship.
The number of blades, the shape of blades and the area of the impeller, as well as the diameter, width and positioning angle of the inlet and outlet of the volute, will affect the performance of the automobile pump in different degrees. For example, if the car pump impeller more than the number of blades, then there may be blade exclusion and blade friction and other undesirable phenomena. If the length of the impeller blades of the automobile pump is insufficient, it will affect the stability of liquid flow and other problems.

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