F4 Alternative Manufacturers
03-15-2015, 09:02 PM,
F4 Alternative Manufacturers
Hello all, I am looking for Sulzer Metco F4 "knock off" brands that aren't produced by Technical Engineering. Does anyone have any experience with other manufacturers?

I'm reluctant to begin using the Technical Engineering version because I have seen more than 20 have catastrophic failures in 3 years due to water leakage from the positive Cable connection on the rear gun body. I do not like the way they are made. Maybe someone on here knows how to make them last longer as well? I have made attempts at extending the life by removing the Center Gun Body water tube (positive and negative), and lubing the o-ring and tightening it down as much as I can, and using lock tight on the retainer pin. It has lasted a lot longer when I have done this, however eventually they do blow up.


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