Eutectic castolin FRIXTEC 19850
08-04-2015, 09:41 PM,
Eutectic castolin FRIXTEC 19850
I am calling all those who have used the Eutectic Castolin FRIXTEC 19850 Powder. i have been spraying it on test peices and the results have been disapointing delamination and i know its my fault.
Im wanting to rebuild a journal for a 800kw motor im using the Rototec model 1 torch. need help on these issues
1. is the rototec model one torch appropriate for this job
2. can the Frixtec 19850 withstand the load can it be used for rebuilding journals
3. what are correct procedures of preparation and the spraying procedures?
all tips will be appreciated.
08-17-2015, 11:45 AM,
RE: Eutectic castolin FRIXTEC 19850
Dear Watz,
Why not try Castodyn DS 8000 for spraying as RotoTec is very primitive. If possible Arc spray Al -Bronze wire is also a good option provided you take care of fumes.
08-17-2015, 12:17 PM,
RE: Eutectic castolin FRIXTEC 19850
The best choice will be an wire flame spray, arc spray or HVOFWire systems, because with powder flame spray you must have too much temperature, which is difficult to control, and you can have deformation of the shaft, as I can suppose that for an 800 Kw rotor journal will be up to 200 mm diam, a customer of mine did a coating like this with 5P gun, and there was a lot of vibration, because the axle was a little deformed, they have to redo the coating to all journals in order to aline the axle, with flame spray system, using Ni20Al as bond coat and Fe13NiCrMo wire.
Best regards

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