Electronic water pump
09-27-2018, 08:50 AM,
Electronic water pump
The electronic pump is mainly composed of 5 parts: shell, end cover, motor, running parts and fasteners. The running parts include rotor, shaft and bearing.
Mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency are the focus of pump development. In order to get more efficient hydraulic pump, the general designers start from two aspects: improve the smooth meshing of the rotor to reduce the mechanical losses caused by friction and vibration; improve the sealing of the pump body to reduce leakage in work. The joint surface pressure is affected by the material, structure, assembly and connection of parts and components, which is an important technical index of sealing equipment. The traditional seal analysis of pump body is to load the load pressure on the high pressure area inside the pump body by means of structural static strength analysis, ignoring the influence of the pressure in the low pressure area inside the pump body on the deformation of the pump structure. Compared with the traditional method, the fluid-solid coupling analysis considers the effect of the real flow field in the pump body on the solid wall. The pressure pulsation of fluid is applied to the interface between fluid and solid, and the results can reflect the effect of fluid flow on the deformation of structure more truly. The sealing performance of the electronic pump is simulated by the unidirectional flow solid coupling method. Firstly, the influence of temperature on the distribution of pressure field in the electronic pump was analyzed under four kinds of working oil temperatures. Then, the interface pressure between the shell and the end cover of the electronic pump was simulated by the fluid-solid coupling method.
Feilong Jiangli closely follows the pace of the times, devote energy to actively develop electronic pumps, and look forward to cooperating with you. Feilong Jiang has a mature mechanical pump.

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