Dual wire arc spray systems
05-01-2009, 10:52 PM,
Dual wire arc spray systems
Hi all,
Been looking at anti-corrosion dual-wire arc spray systems. A company in Poland are offering a system called 'Margarido'. Looks ugly but has a very long reach, the head is light and and it looks tough. Does anyone have this system or had any experience with them?
05-05-2009, 08:59 AM,
RE: Dual wire arc spray systems
Hi Met-Elite,

If you are looking for a system with a long reach, you should consider a Metallisation system. We have an Arc140 system with up to 20m supplies package length. This is proven in many anti-corrosion applications. We use a synchronised drive system (the push and pull drive units are synchronised and turning at exactly the same speed) that ensures a reliable feed over this distance. If you are in Poland, we are represented in Poland by a very experienced company. If outside of Poland, let me know where you are and we'll put the appropriate company in touch with you if you wish. You can check out the details of our Arc140 system on http://www.metallisation.com/product/ARC140S350cl.html.
Stuart Milton
Metallisation Ltd
05-11-2009, 11:52 AM,
RE: Dual wire arc spray systems
Dear Stuart,
Thanks, but not the response I'm looking for. I am aware of your systems as I am the other majorly marketed. My hope was to have non biased feedback and opinions from users of Margarido systems, that is if there are any accessing this forum. While I appreciate that this site must offer great marketing opportunities for pseudo pundits. I find the use of this particular Surface Engineering forum in this manner questionable and unsavoury. Please keep it to the 'Products and Services' pages! OR let's have the advantages and disadvantages of your machines and the competition laid out in an objective and independant perspective.
05-11-2009, 12:33 PM,
RE: Dual wire arc spray systems
Dear Met-Elite,

Thank you for your reply and I'm pleased that you are aware of our systems. I am aware of the Margarido system, its positives and negatives from some of our users perspectives but as you quite rightly say, it is not my place and I am not in a position to give an INDEPENDENT review of the system - which is why I did not do so. I cannot singularly give an objective and independent view of our competitors systems which is why I did not mention anything about them.

I don't particularly see this forum as a great marketing opportunity but more as a place for the benefit of the thermal spray industry. I have responded to many posts without promoting our products. My posts are always as myself with our company details at the bottom, e.g. I am open and honest regarding who I am and what we do and do not use this as an underhand form of marketing. I post on this forum where I can help people out which in some cases may involve our products.

I'm sorry if my post was not to your liking and will be not be unhappy if the moderator feels it is inappropriate and deletes it.

Good luck with your feedback on the system and if we can be of any further assistance, as always, my details are shown.

Stuart Milton
Metallisation Ltd

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