Drum brake with rack and pinion drive
05-22-2011, 05:51 AM,
Drum brake with rack and pinion drive
In a preferred embodiment a slip clutch arrangement is provided between the input shaft and the pinion gear. The slip clutch arrangement allows the input shaft to drive the pinion gear when rotated to actuate the brake. On the other hand, the pinion gear must return after actuation by rotation in a reverse direction. During this reverse rotation the slip clutch allows the input gear to rotate, independently of the pinion gear to compensate for lining wear. Preferably the slip clutch includes a slip clutch member which is splined for rotation with the input shaft, but which can move axially. A spring preferably biases that slip clutch component into engagement with teeth on the pinion gear. The teeth between the brake pinion gear and the slip clutch component are preferably designed to achieve the above-mentioned one way of drive.

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