Diamond Wheel Selection
05-26-2016, 07:14 PM,
Diamond Wheel Selection
Hi everyone,

Could someone give me an advice about diamond wheel selection.

1-What is the best diamond wheel for HVOF coated WC/Co , WC-10Co-4Cr and CrC-NiCr. (For wet cylindrical grinding) Concentration, Diamond grit size, resign type ect..

2-Can we use standart transparant grinding lubricant ?

3-what is the typical grinding per pass ? (Wht do u thing about 25 - 30 micron per pass ??)

Thanks and regards
06-01-2016, 04:11 PM,
RE: Diamond Wheel Selection
For a cylindrical grinder using say a > 20" diameter (O.D.) wheel; you would definitely need a resin bonded diamond wheel as I am unsure if an electroplated wheel of this size is available...

A standard grit size of 400 microns can be used for WC grinding

Diamond grinding needs specialist gade grinding lubrication - synthetic lubricants like CASTROL SYNTILO CR 4 / 68 etc....

A typical grinding pass should be no more than 10 microns radially - a higher cut per pass may lead to un-necessary stress built up in the coating / coating peel off...


Shantanu Newar
Eastern Metallizing, Kolkata


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