DJ 2700 is oxygen temperature important?
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DJ 2700 is oxygen temperature important?
Hello dear forum members,

I am a newbie in HVOF. Discovered this greatly forum recently.

We have a DJ 2700 in our lab. We use propane (not very pure, containing some high-boiling-point components) as the fuel and use a vaporizer to transform it from liquid from gas. Thus the propane temperature supplied to the gun can be 50 or higher (I guess up to 70C according to hand feeling).

My concern is that, since propane mixes with oxygen in the gun, does oxygen "quench" the hot gaseous propane back into liquid, creating propane mists? My place can be pretty cold in the winter (2 to 5 degrees C). Will this cause problem in ignition or sustaining of the supersonic flame? Actually our gun does not ignite very well now and I am guessing if this is because of the "colder" oxygen.

Does anyone have experiences on pre-warming oxygen in cold days?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

10-20-2012, 10:16 AM,
RE: DJ 2700 is oxygen temperature important?

You should google " Easy Heat Roof Snow De-Icing Kit " Happy0193
It's working as long as you go back to your physic classics to recalculate your flow(read Gordon post)

10-20-2012, 11:27 AM,
RE: DJ 2700 is oxygen temperature important?
Hey Spraytube,

Got your joke. Actually I have one (very similar in name and function to what you described).

Actually I was trying to say was: did any HVOF users indeed see this problem before? If someone identify this as a problem, I can more readily pin-point the problem in cold days instead of blaming around (you know there are a number of other potential reasons for unsuccessful ignition).
11-01-2012, 10:16 AM,
RE: DJ 2700 is oxygen temperature important?
Though there may be some unsuccessful reason behind that but you need to look for the actual default which is causing you the problem!!

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