Crank-tap HVOF - spray.
05-07-2021, 06:49 AM,
Crank-tap HVOF - spray.
Does anyone here already have experience or knows more about the well-known High Velocity Oxygen process for spraying parts.
I am a Flandria freak (may not belong here, but yes) and I sometimes have problems with run-in crank taps at the level of the bearing on the flywheel side.
I have had many original new old stock parts but the crankshaft department for certain types of engine blocks is running out.
Can this be a good solid alternative to save the original crankshaft to original sizes / bearing.
Near me there is a company called LMS in Elsloo.
Another option is to turn / grind the crank tap 1mm to an undersized bearing (there is and also the seal), but then the hardness is gone and the crank tap weaker of course.
I think the crank tap is only surface hardened.
Or is there another option, please get a response from the crankshaft specialists here on the forem.
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RE: Crank-tap HVOF - spray.
Hey George,

If I understand correctly this is about reconditioning a shaft part for a bearing fit. I think this is one of the most recurring applications for HVOF coatings. We do at least 2-3 parts/week for this purpose. We are based in antwerp, you can find more details on If you want to share more information (drawing, picture) or request a quotation you can send it to

But honestly I think any HVOF spray shop will be able to process your part.

The alternatives that I can think of are:
1. Flame spraying: this is a cheaper alternative and I wouldn't recommend it for parts turning at a high rpm/load due to the lower bond strength
2. Turning and choosing a lower size bearing but as you said this weakens the shaft
3. Laser cladding: this is a good technique that typically provides quality coatings but it induces more heat in your workpiece which might cause deformations (especially on parts that have been in service for a long time)

Good luck!

Best regards,

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