Common failures of water pumps
10-20-2018, 12:23 PM,
Common failures of water pumps
It is unavoidable that the breakdown of the automobile water pump is in use. Common faults are as follows:
(1)slight leakage of overflow hole
The newly installed pump will form a water film between the rotating surface and the stationary surface of the water seal when it is just running. Some pumps will be accompanied by slight leakage from the overflow orifice, which is a normal phenomenon. After running in for a period of time, the phenomenon will be eliminated naturally. If the leakage continues, it may be caused by leakage of water seal, the pump should be checked and replaced.
(2)abnormal sound of water seal
A new pump may squeak when it is rotated by hand. This is the sound of water seal dry friction. It is a normal phenomenon. When the water pump is installed, add the coolant. When the liquid is lubricated, the abnormal noise will disappear.
(3)water seal leakage
The defect of the product itself or the instantaneous overcooling and overheating lead to the rupture of the water seal, and the leakage phenomenon occurs. At this time, the pump should be replaced.
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RE: Common failures of water pumps
Thank you for sharing, the problem with the pump is really very uncomfortable. The water pump in my cone dyeing machine often has poor dyeing results due to insufficient head.

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